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    *****WEEK # 3!!!!!  Hope everyone is doing well!  

    MATH:  Continue to work on the math packets this week, completing what you understand, skipping what you don't.  You should also look at the two lessons in the book on surface area and volume if you haven't done so yet.  I've posted several topics for math review on fractions, decimals, and negative numbers.  I will pick additional review to post on Teams, that is optional.  You should be working about 15-20 minutes per day to keep your brain engaged.

    SCIENCE:. Check out some of the posts on Teams.  I will continue to post weather related links for you to check out.  


    Be on the lookout for an email about IXL, which is a program I will be using for some of the math and science assignments after spring break.





    Click to Access Math Review Folder

    I'm attempting to add additional review material via emathinstruction.  Here is a link to Videos and lesson on Fractions.  Check out the lessons you need the most review on and give them a try.  Print out material if able.  If not, put the Lesson on a separate piece of paper, making sure to put the Lesson title in your heading.

    I will be using Microsoft Teams to put up future assignments.



    Click to Access Science Ch. 2 Notes and Worksheets