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    Building Level Team

    The mission of the Building Level Team (BLT) is to develop and implement a building level plan to support the successful implementation of comprehensive district-wide goals that will result in maximum student achievement.

    What is the BLT?

    The BLT, or Building Level Team, is a team of school partners - teachers, parents, staff, and administrators - who work together as a team to help the school address the educational needs of students. All BLT members are considered equal partners in the process of school improvement. At Mill Road Elementary, there is a K-2 and a 3-5 BLT.

    Using a shared-decision making process, the BLT develops and implements a plan that is consistent with district goals. The BLT:

    • Advocates for decisions based on student needs;
    • Collects and analyzes student achievement data;
    • Bases recommendations on expected changes in student achievement.

    What Can the BLT do?

    The BLT has the ability to implement any decision that does not negatively impact the other school buildings and does not require more funds than are available in the budget. Decisions of the BLT must also conform with legal obligations, statute, Commissioner's Regulations, district policy, job descriptions and existing contracts.

    Any decisions that have the potential to impact another school building, or that require additional funds are sent to the district-level team (DLT) as recommendations.

    How do I find out more about the BLT?

    Each parent is important to the successful education of all children in the school. Parents and community members have the right to participate in BLT planning. BLT meetings are subject to the NYS open meeting law and are therefore public meetings. Parent representatives (3 per building) are selected by the PTA membership for a two year term. To learn more about the BLT, or to share ideas or concerns, you can:

    • Contact your parent representatives.
    • Attend a PTA meeting to hear from parent and teacher BLT representatives.
    • Attend a BLT meeting. Dates and times are listed in the newsletter.