• Speech

    The speech & language pathologists screen new entrants to school or New York State. If this screening reveals speech and/or language difficulty, further testing is undertaken. If a problem exists with hearing, processing, or if the student wears hearing aids, the speech therapist may also become involved with the student. Parent/guardian permission must be given for students recommended for therapy. Each student will have goals and will be reassessed periodically for progress. Parents/guardians will receive quarterly reports. If the nature of the child’s speech difficulty is developmental, s/he will be monitored to determine if the appropriate developmental progress is being made. Teachers or parents may request a screening of their child’s skills any time during the school year.

    Title I Reading

    The Title I Reading Program supplements regular classroom instruction in grades 1 and 2 by focusing on improving a student’s reading skills. Some students may receive 3 half hours of instruction per week in a pull-out program. Other students may receive instruction in their classroom from the Title I reading teacher. Close communication and coordination is maintained between the Title I teacher and the classroom teacher. Students qualify for Title I reading based on their scores on a standardized test and/or by teacher recommendation.

    Title I Math

    Students in grade 2 are selected for the supplemental help in math based upon educational needs, as demonstrated on standardized tests and/or teacher referral. Children receive 3 half hour periods of individual or small group instruction, per week, in a pull-out program; or receive instruction in their regular classroom by the Title I teacher. The program maintains a close correlation with the classroom math curriculum while developing fundamental skills and problem-solving techniques through an understanding of mathematical concepts and applications.


    Students in grades K-2 who are English Language Learners will receive supplemental instruction based on a reading and speaking assessment administered by the ESL teacher. Students who qualify will receive individual and/or small group instruction 1-2 hours daily.


    Two full-time Psychologists are employed to serve the students from PreK to 5th grade at the Mill Road School. The Psychologist is responsible for consulting with teachers, staff and parents regarding methods for improving academic performance. The goal of Psychological Services is to help teachers, staff and parents provide a nurturing and appropriate environment in which students can learn. The Psychologist is trained to investigate, identify and remediate a wide variety of factors that may interfere with learning. As part of this goal, the Psychologist may engage in evaluation of and/or counseling with students in need of support. The Psychologist is also a member of the Committee on Special Education.

    Social Worker

    Two full-time social workers are employed to serve students from PreK to 5th grade at the Mill Road School. The social worker provides counseling for students designated handicapped by the Committee on Special Education and helps evaluate students referred for these and other special services.

    The social worker also provides non-mandated support to teachers, students and parents for school-related difficulties. Individual counseling, referrals to outside agencies or professionals, and facilitating support groups are included. Banana Splits, a program for children of divorced or separated parents, or  those who have lost a parent through death or abandonment, is one such support group. The social worker also works with teachers to develop behavior plans for students so they may function better in a school setting.

    Special Education

    Students who are classified as having a disability, by the Committee on Special Education, can, based on their Individual Education Plan, receive the services of a Special Education Teacher. Students may receive service in a Resource Room or within the regular classroom. The frequency of service and the subjects covered are determined by the child’s I.E.P. (Individual Education Plan). A child may be referred to the C.S.E. (Committee of Special Education) by a teacher, doctor and/or parent.

    Child Study Team

    A group of school professionals that includes regular classroom teachers, special education teachers, school nurse, school psychologist, social worker and principal works as a support team and a pre-special education intervention team. Teachers, parents, administrators, and other school personnel refer children to the CST (Child Study Team), which meets monthly. The team, with the referring teacher, develops a plan of action to assist the teacher and/or student. The Child Study Team shall handle all referrals of students to counseling.