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    I 've created this as a resource for parents and students to help with communication and to improve students' math skills.  Please give me any feedback that would be helpful to improve my web pages.

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    Mrs. Hillery
    What is Title I Math?

    Title I Math is a Federally supported math program.

    Services can be either pull-out, (when the student goes out of the class for extra help) or in some cases services are push in. (When the Title I Math teacher goes into the classroom to help the students during the regularly scheduled math class.)

    Students are scheduled to receive extra help one to three times a week for at least a 30 minute period depending on their need as a tier two student.

    The goal of this program is to give students extra help and skills so they can be more independent and more successful in the classroom. When students show they are being successful in the classroom, as well as in extra help, they may be tested and released from the program.