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Welcome to the new website for Academic Support in Grades K-5 at Red Hook schools.
An Overview of Academic Support
Intervention services are offered to students in grades K-12 in English Language Arts and Math either in the classroom setting or through pull out services.  Teachers and administrators watch and frequently evaluate student progress through testing and other means.

Additional instruction focuses on: 

  • a student’s academic needs 
  • using a variety of teaching strategies 
  • adapting the curriculum to the student’s learning style
Parents are notified when it becomes clear that a student needs help to meet or continue his or her progress toward meeting the grade level expectations. Parents are advised of both the types of services available and when those services are offered.  They are also offered ongoing opportunities to confer with teachers to discuss their child’s progress.  Additionally, parents receive written formal reports to notify of them of their child’s progress throughout the year.

Parents with questions about Academic Support Services should contact their child’s teacher or their child’s Intervention teacher.  

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Links to PowerPoint presentations (saved in PDF format) on K-5 reading and math supports:
K-5 Parent Resources