Welcome to Kindergarten            

    My name is Jacqueline Forrest and I am so happy to be your child’s kindergarten teacher this coming school year! I love working with children of this age group and I intend on providing your child with meaningful educational experiences as well as positive social interactions.


    Kindergarten is an influential year; as children develop a variety of skills that set the stage for future success. I believe that my success as an educator must also be paired with parent support. I encourage you to mimic what we do in the classroom and through weekly newsletters I will keep you informed about the curriculum and upcoming activities. I have an open communication policy so feel free to contact me about any questions or concerns you have.

    Here are some skills that you can help your little one with so they are ready for kindergarten: please develop and support independence (dressing, tying shoes, zippers, buttons etc.), coloring and drawing, cutting paper with scissors, writing their name and read a great book together daily.

    There is a list of supplies your child will need to bring in on their first day of school. That list will be sent to you and I recommend buying plastic folders as they are more durable. A letter will be sent home mid-year requesting donations to replenish any supplies. In addition to that list, I ask that your child brings in a picture of themselves for a beginning of the year project. Thanks.

                I am looking forward to meeting you and your child on the first day of school! Enjoy the rest of your summer!

    Jacqueline Forrest
    (845) 758-2241 ext. 71032