• Teacher Access and Authorization (TAA) Portal 
    https://eservices.nysed.gov/taa/ - your one-stop website for New York State Education Department data reporting/verification processes you are responsible for.
    If you are a new teacher, you will receive a one-time-use PIN letter which you will use to create your TAA login account. Once created, please keep this account information somewhere secure and retrievable. If you have received a TAA PIN letter and created an account previously, you will use that account in subsequent years to complete these data entry and verification processes.
    What you will find on the TAA website:
    ePMF (a.k.a. BEDS Day Reporting)
    The electronic Personnel Master File, ePMF, collects data submitted by teachers such as the sections they teach, including class assignment, grade level taught, and years teaching. Teachers and other school personnel are expected to login to this system and complete the required data entry by each year's reporting deadline. Your building principal and/or department administrator is your first go-to resource for questions about BEDS Day data reporting.
    Teacher Student Roster Verification Application - TSRV
    This system is used to verify district/BOCES/charter school reported roster data for teachers and principals. Please watch the TAA Video Walkthrough for information on how to view your TSRV report.
    For more information on the Teacher Student Roster Verification Report tool, visit the IRS Teacher Website.
    Once you have logged into TAA and viewed your TSRV report, you are required to follow the steps below. It is your responsibility to verify your TSRV data in the TAA system.
    (The district is not responsible for teachers' verification responsibilities and cannot assist you in making any corrections needed if you do not complete your part of this process by the stated deadline each year.)
    Data Verification Process for RHCSD Faculty
    Step 1: Look for the annual emails sent by the district's Data Coordinator, Donna Seelbach, reminding you that it's time to complete your roster verifications. Typically, these emails will be sent out on more than one occasion from April to early May.
    Step 2: When you receive that email, login to the TAA system and review ALL of your course rosters. Save PDF versions of your rosters to your "My Documents" folder OR print off copies of your rosters.
    Step 3: Login to the district's KACE KBox system and choose the ticket type "Roster Data Verification" from the list of ticket categories available.
    Step 4: If your rosters are free of any data errors, enter the following into the ticket "Problem/Request" description line "I have reviewed ALL of my TSRV rosters in TAA and there are no changes needed." This ticket will go directly to Donna Seelbach and she will acknowledge receipt of the ticket by marking it "Closed" with a confirmation email sent back to you. (You do NOT need to send Donna Seelbach copies of your roster reports if there are no error corrections needed on any of them. You might want to keep a copy for your own records until the state-provided scores are released.)
    Step 5: If your rosters require corrections, enter the following into the ticket "Problem/Request" description line "I have reviewed ALL of my TSRV rosters in TAA and corrections are needed." Attach a scanned copy of your marked-up roster(s) to this KBox ticket by using the Attachments option at the bottom of the new ticket window in the KACE/KBox system.
    The best way to get  scanned copy of your roster is to print the roster off, mark up any changes needed in RED pen, scan that marked-up roster to yourself using the Toshiba copiers, and then attach that marked-up version of your roster to the KBox ticket. This method provides you with a copy of the changes you've submitted for correction. 
    Please include any additional information in the Comments field of your Kbox ticket when you attach your rosters. This ticket will go directly to Donna Seelbach and she will acknowledge receipt of the ticket by marking it "Opened" at which point you will receive a confirmation email. After the data errors have been corrected and the TSRV file re-uploaded to NYSED, Donna Seelbach will update your existing KBox ticket by changing the status to "Verification - Waiting on User". You will be reminded to log back into the TAA system to verify that the changes requested have been made.
    After you have completed that second verification, please reply directly to the notification email from the KBox. Doing so will automatically update your ticket status to "Responded" and let Donna Seelbach know that you have confirmed your changes have been made. If you have deleted that KBox email, you may also log back into KBox and manually update your ticket.   
    Online Growth Reporting System
    This system is used by non-NYCDOE teachers and principals to view reports for state-provided growth measures. You can access the secure Online Growth Reporting System at https://ny.growth.airast.org.