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    This new section of the district website has been built to streamline access to assignments, specific educational resources, and general information for students while schools are closed.

    You will find resources organized by grade and subject areas. If you have any questions about the student assignments found here, please contact us via email at ssmith@rhcsd.org.

    Thank you.

    Stacie Fenn Smith, Principal


    LAMS Parent Information 10/7/20

    Dear LAMS Families,

    Thank you to everyone who attended last night’s parent information session.  While we are still working out a few challenges, we are feeling more and more ready to open with each passing day.  Thank you for your continued support and patience.  A cooperative school/home partnership is a critical piece to opening successfully and staying open. 

    The following topics were emailed to us as general questions or concerns since last night’s meeting.  

    Even and Odd Days: Even and odd designation will not exist in this hybrid model.  Students will be scheduled by day of the week.  The parent portal is currently closed while we are uploading and/or adjusting schedules.  We will send out an email later this week when all of the schedules are ready for view.

    Schedules:  All schedules will be available later this week in the portal.  We will send out paper copies as well, but you will be able to see the schedules sooner on the portal. This includes schedules for all students in person and remote. Remote schedules will go into the mail tomorrow.

    Band and Chorus: Unfortunately, band and chorus will not be possible in-person due to the nature of Covid-19 spread through water droplets.  Band in chorus will meet in small groups on the independent/remote days. The schedule will be constructed by Mr. Pogemiller and Mr. VanNess and be out to you shortly after we open.

    School Supplies: We spoke with teachers and grade level leaders today about will work with teachers to develop a plan for supplies that makes sense.  Teachers will communicate with individual classes to advise which supplies are most critical and practical.  We are looking into some additional options to streamline supplies. 

    Students Moving:  As we have learned more about the virus spread and started to look at safety protocols used by other local districts, it became clear that with a few adjustments we could also move students safely and consequently keep our 9-period schedule. 

    There were several contributing factors: 

    • Realizing that there are only about 45 students per grade spread over 8 classrooms.
    • We can work as a team to move students carefully and intentionally.  We now have two lanes in the hallways, arrows for traffic flow, and notches to indicate 6 feet for proper spacing. 
    • In the secondary setting, whether the teacher moves or the students move, the exposure is the same.  

    Parent Drop Off: Is located on the south end of the building on West Market Street near the flagpole. Walkers should also use the parent drop off location to check in for the day. 

    Special Education (IEPs):  All special education (IEP) requirements must be met in both the hybrid and remote only model. We are working with Jack Costello, Director of Pupil Personnel to be sure we are in compliance and all student needs are being met with fidelity. 

    The First Days In

    • Faculty and Staff will be available to assist students in getting to their correct homerooms
    • We have asked teachers to treat this Friday 10/9 as the anchor day in lieu of Monday, 10/12 since that is a holiday.  
    • Tuesday, October 13th will be day 2.  Wednesday, October 14th will be day 3. 

    Bathrooms: Bathrooms have been designated by grade level and located in the grade level wings to limit movement through the building.  One student is allowed at a time.  

    Live streaming and bring your own devices are part of an ongoing discussion within the district.  We do appreciate your comments on these topic

    LAMS Hybrid Schedule Update October 2, 2020

    Dear LAMS Families,

    Since our opening, and especially in response to our Virtual Open House, we heard so many positives from teachers, parents, and community members about our 9-period schedule. 

    We agree that the 9-period schedule is a match for LAMS. For this reason, we have decided to adjust our hybrid schedule so that we can retain our 9-period day. 

    All students will be remote with their classes on Monday (day 1).  The first half of the alphabet will be in person on Tuesdays and Thursdays (day 2).  The second half of the alphabet will be in person on Wednesdays and Fridays (day 3).  

    Hybrid with 9 Periods Schedule

    *Link Below*

    LAMS Hybrid Schedule for School Messenger.docx  

    The basic overview is as follows....

    • Students will remain in their 9-period schedule. 
    • Student schedules will stay the same whether students are in school or out of school for any amount of time.
    • All students are remote with all teachers on Mondays (like now).  This day will be an anchor day during which the weekly agenda will be presented to all students together.
    • Students come in for TWO full days 8:45AM - 2:20 PM.
    • Students are divided by alphabet - by grade level.
    • Per grade level this is an average of 45 students per day.
    • Students will ride in with the morning elementary run and ride home with the high school.
    • Students who are fully remote will receive a new schedule next week built around their current schedule. 

    We will host a parent informational meeting on Tuesday, October 6th at 6 PM to further outline this hybrid model in detail.  

    We will have more information out to you on this plan early next week.  We are very excited and hopeful that this shift will be our best match moving forward.

    Have a great weekend, 

    Ms. Fenn Smith