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    Hybrid Opening Presentation 10/7/2020

    News from the High School Main Office

    Dear Red Hook High School Parents and Guardians:

    Some important information to share with you ahead of our return to in-person instruction next week on October 13.  Please be aware that for all students, remote or hybrid, all schedules remain the same.  

    • Parents will be receiving a notification/reminder to complete a health screening survey for each child.  It is critical that these surveys are completed prior 8 AM.  If student screenings have not been submitted, they will have to be screened prior to entry into the building. 
    • If your child reports that they are not feeling well or healthy, please keep your child home.  Contact the Main Office to report an absence and please specify if your child is exhibiting any symptoms that could indicate Covid-19 in order that we may follow up with you and your child. 
    • Student Arrival to School
      • The Transportation Department will be communicating with parents regarding the morning bus pick-up schedule within the next twenty-four hours. 
      • Students coming to school via bus will be asked to take a seat near the window to provide as much social distancing as possible.  When the bus arrives to the high school, each bus will release students one at a time in front of the main entrance.
      • Those students with parking permits will be permitted to park in the first lot as students pull into the high school.  Please note that no students will be permitted to enter the building until 10 am. 
      • Those students whose parents are dropping off at the high school will continue to drop off near the tent.  Students should remain in their vehicles until they reach the tent so that our staff can screen any student arriving who has yet to be screened.  If a student has not been screened, parents will be asked to pull into a space while their child is screened. Please note, no students will be permitted to enter the building until 10 am. 
      • Students who take the bus and drive to the building for whom we did not receive a health screening will be directed to one side so that they may be screened prior to entering the building. 
      • Upon entering the building, all students should report directly to their first period class.  Students who do not have a first period class but arrive before their first class should report to the cafeteria upon entering the building. 
      • Those students with their own transportation may utilize a late arrival if they do not have a first or second period class.  All late arrival students will be asked to complete a form.  Similarly, those students with their own transportation may utilize an early release from school once they complete their classes in the building.  All early dismissal students will be asked to complete a form. (Form is attached and additional applications may be found outside the main office.)
      • As students make their way into the building to go to their classroom, they will notice the hallways have been lined.  Students are asked to walk as closely to the line on their right-hand side as they can and keep a safe distance from the individual walking in front of them.
    • Please note that the Red Hook Central School District requires that all staff and students wear a mask at all times with the exception of lunch.  Only cloth or surgical masks are permissible.  No bandanas or gaiters will be permitted.  A suitable mask may be provided to those students who need a mask. 
    • During the day, it may be the case that a student in a cohort is not taking a class such as Science or Math, that their classmates are taking.  Due to limited capacity in our cafeteria, those students will remain in their classrooms and work on any assignments they may have. 
    • Students’ personal belongings should be kept in the classroom which will be locked when those classes are participating in Physical Education or having lunch in the cafeteria.
    • Students who have devices such as tablets, laptops, notebooks or smart phones may bring their devices with them to school for use during the day with teacher permission.  However, students are not required to bring devices to school. 
    • Dismissal
      • For the first few days, we will be dismissing our students from their classes a few rooms at a time beginning at 2:11 so that we may ensure that our dismissal is safe and orderly.
      • Those students who drive to school and those students who walk must depart campus directly. 
      • Students who return home on the school bus will be directed to the access road between the high school and middle school and will board their bus and take their seat near the window. 


    Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns and again, thank you for your patience and support.

    Robert McKiernan


    Red Hook High School

    Early Release Late Arrival Application.pdf 


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