• Please check back for current announcements during the school closure period.

    Reopening Update 8/17/20

    Our reopening task force has been working tirelessly for weeks to create a plan that complies with all the New York State mandates. Following meetings today, we concluded that the most prudent course of action is to delay the opening of in-person instruction by five weeks until Tuesday, October 13. As educators, we are faced with the difficult job of guaranteeing the continuity of learning for all our students. A number of safety requirements cause significant barriers to reopen in-person.

    Our expectation is that school will begin on Monday, September 14 in remote-learning mode only for all students. Substantial work has gone into the Remote Learning Model which will provide a more valued educational experience. We have a series of parent meetings this week scheduled on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening. If you have not yet requested information for the parent meetings, please email the Superintendent’s Office at emaskell@rhcsd.org.

    We appreciate how challenging the delay of in-person reopening is for our students and families, and we thank you for your support and understanding as we continue our planning to reopen our buildings. Further details regarding remote-learning orientation sessions for students and their parents will be forthcoming

    Reopening update 7/17/20

    My hope is that your families are all healthy and safe and enjoying the summer. Since my last correspondence, we have received guidance from the Department of Health and the New York State Education Department. These documents offer guidelines on the following educational areas: health and safety, facilities, nutrition, transportation, social emotional well-being, school schedules, budget and fiscal, attendance and chronic absenteeism, technology and conductivity, teaching and learning, special education, bilingual education and world languages, and staffing and human resources. Our task is to implement this extensive document to meet the needs of our diverse community of children. As a reminder, Governor Cuomo will be making a decision about reopening by August 7, 2020.

    The decision making for districts has many complexities. The Reentry Team continues to meet to analyze possible solutions to many anticipated scenarios. While the task is complex, we have a diverse group of stakeholders offering support and direction. To ensure effective communication, we are building a reopening section on our website to offer information to families on the topics listed above.

    I would like to thank the many community organizations and individuals who have reached out to offer support on our reopening. I will continue to provide updated information on our decision making. We are confident that we will put forth a plan that addresses the whole child.

    Essential Workers Childcare Options

    If you are a Red Hook CSD parent/guardian employed as an essential worker and need assistance finding childcare during the COVID-19 related closures, please review this letter. It details the options available to you and who to contact for further information.

    Account Assistance

    If you are a parent/guardian OR a student in our district and need assistance with a login account, please contact us at accounthelp@rhcsd.org. A member of the district's IT department will respond to your email within 24 hours. 

    Photocopying Assistance

    If you are a parent/guardian in our district and need the instructional resources photocopied that have been posted for your student to work on during the school closure, please contact us at copies@rhcsd.org. We're here to help.