• Bard College's Center for Civic Engagement is offering virtual tutoring services to Red Hook students during the COVID-19 school closure.
    These services are being coordinated and provided by Bard College personnel and the volunteers they have recruited and trained.
    These services are not provided or supervised by the Red Hook Central School District. If you are interested in learning more, please use the resources below to connect directly to Bard College.
    Bard College Virtual Tutoring: Need assistance during the transition to remote learning? Bard College offers free virtual volunteer tutoring for Red Hook students. These are not certified educators but are trained volunteers that are available and ready to assist students and families during the pandemic and the transition to online learning. You can request a tutor in any subject area by completing the Bard College Virtual Tutoring Registration form.
    Need robust math tutoring? The Bard Math Circle is offering math tutoring on a donation basis. Parents can request a math tutor by completing the Bard Math Circle Online Math Tutoring questionnaire
    Bard Music Connects Practice Partners: Need a practice partner or tutor? Bard Music Connects offers free virtual music practice partners/tutoring for Red Hook students. Student instructors are trained musicians, but they are not certified teachers. You can request a practice buddy/music tutor by completing the Bard Music Connects Registration Form