• Welcome to the 2023-24 School Year, 


    I am excited to see familiar faces and welcome many new students into my classroom! 


    I attempt to create open-ended assignments that allow your kids to tap into their creativity and respond in ways that excite them and allow them to experiment without fear of “getting it wrong”. Artistic mishaps require problem-solving, which often leads to more interesting outcomes than the initial artwork! This is one class where your kids are encouraged to “break the rules” 😊  


    Our creative aim is quality over quantity, exploration over rigidity. Regardless of their skill level, I grade solely based on effort and participation.


    Great art happens when there is a balance between technical skill (which I can help them with) and creative concepts (which I can also help them with by sharing ideas and inspiration, but the REALLY GOOD STUFF is up to them)! 


    Recent research has found the top competencies for the 21st century are: innovation, problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and emotional intelligence. That pretty much sums up what occurs in the art class daily 😊  


    Art 103 & 104 (8th grade electives) allow students to experiment with various media such as pencil, pen & ink, printmaking, watercolors, acrylics, and 3D construction. We will explore many artistic concepts including color theory and application, structural analysis, design, art history, observational drawing, abstraction, and engineering 


    We are planning a ½ day field trip to a gallery in October. More info on that soon... 


    As the year progresses, students will be encouraged to expand upon and refine the concepts, methods, and materials they are most interested in, culminating in individual projects. We will once again collaborate with the science department and NASA to design mission patches for the space launch. Near the end of the school year, we will work with FACS (Family & Consumer Sciences) to design and create the ambiance (décor, menus, etc.) for the student-run café.  


    Art 101 (6th grade course) introduces new material while building upon previously learned techniques and concepts. We will explore various media such as pencil, pen & ink, watercolors, acrylics, and 3D construction. 


    Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, and/or concerns. As you know, the best way to understand what goes on in school is to ask your kids. Most are happy to share😊  


    Here’s to a wonderful year ahead, 

    Claudia Brehse 

    Art Teacher 6th, 8th and Flex/BOCES, Art Club 7th & 8th