• Staff Emergency Codes for Delays and Closings

    Code 1 - Schools are closed for students, teachers, bus drivers, and 10-month employees.* (See details below.)

    The 12-month support staff will report per their contract.** (See details below.)

    District Office staff will report to work two hours later than their usual start time.


    Code 2 - Schools are closed for students and teachers, bus drivers, and 10-month employees.

    District, departmental, and building offices are also closed.

    District office staff and 12-month support staff do not report to work.* (See details below.)

    *Custodial and Maintenance Staff must check with their supervisor on each Emergency Closing or Delay for further instructions.


    **12-month Typists and Senior Typists work a 6 ½ hour day on a snow day.

    • When school is initially delayed and later changed to a closing, the total workday for 12-month Typists and Senior Typists is 6.5 hours less the length of the delay.
    • All other Support Staff work a regular day (check with your supervisor for scheduling).