Welcome to the Red Hook High School Clubs and Activities section.
    For more information about specific clubs and activities, please visit their individual web pages.
    2018-19 Club Advisors (as of 8/23/18)
    Amnesty International - TBD
    After School Detention - Christine Griffin
    Art Club - Julia Shultis
    ASL Club - TBD
    Book Club - TBD
    Bowling Club - Michael McCrudden
    Chaperones - Barbara Murray and Amy Gilbert
    Class Advisor Grade 9 - Amy Gilbert
    Class Advisor Grade 10 - Carole Anne Miles and Robert Carruthers
    Class Advisor Grade 11 - Kathy Frustaci and Carole Anne Miles
    Class Advisor Grade 12 - Nicole Keegan and Jennifer Huber
    Debate Club - Tom O'Connor
    Environmental Club - Kenneth Erb
    French Club - Amy Gilbert
    Gaming Club - TBD
    Gay/Straight Alliance - Jennifer DeYoung
    Gender Equality Club - Jen Huber and Thea Burgess
    German Club - TBD
    Girls Golf Club - Michael McCrudden
    High School Yearbook - Craig Burguierre and Jen Huber
    History Club - Thea Burgess
    InterAct Club - Carl Dowden and Linda Greenblatt
    Instrumental Jazz Band - TBD
    Instrumental Jazz Ensemble - Brian Zeller
    Jazz Improvisation Club - TBD
    Journalism Club - Suzanne Gillette
    Knitting Club - TBD
    Manga and Anime Club - TBD
    Mentoring Club - TBD
    Mock Trial - TBD
    Model Flying Club - Matt King
    Model UN Club - Aaron McCasland
    National Honory Society - Robert Carruthers
    Performing Arts Club - Matt Funigiello
    Poetry Club - Suzanne Gillette
    RHHS Beautification Society - TBD
    Red Hook Varsity Club - Rich Saulino
    Red Hook Broadcasting Club - Kristin Larson and Amy Carr
    Robotics Club - Yvonne Pierce and Dwane Decker
    Y2Y (Youth To Youth) - Caitlin O'Loughlin and Elizabeth Driscoll
    Science Olympiad Club - TBD
    Ski Club - Bob Engasser and Mike McCrudden
    Student Council Advisor - Katie Whittaker
    Vegetable Garden Club - Laura Munisteri
    Vocal Jazz Ensemble - Matt Funigiello
    Winter Track Club - TBD
    Yoga Club - Jennifer DeYoung