• Varsity Track & Field star

    The 2010 girl's track team was a strong combination of returning athletes and freshmen girls. What was considered a building year concluded in a 5th place finish at the MHALs championship.
    Girls Varsity Track & Field


    J Team members must be at all practices and meets unless arrangements are made in advance with the coach or team member has missed school on that day. If you arrive late, be sure to check in with Coach Goldhirsch to receive credit for the practice.

    J Athletes who miss more than one meet without permission from coach will not receive a varsity letter and/ or pin. These athletes will receive a certificate of participation. In the case of injury or illness, please speak to Coach Goldhirsch.

    J Smoking, drinking or taking drugs are strictly prohibited.

    J You must meet classroom expectations.

    J Lack of respect for fellow team members, coaching staff or officials will not be tolerated. Profanity, unsportsman-like conduct, tardiness, and loafing are signs of disrespect and will not be tolerated. Flaunting a victory is included under this heading as well.

    J Show respect for school property and equipment. Destruction or theft of any item will require full restitution (this includes uniforms and school issued warm-ups). Leaving equipment outdoors for someone else to pick up is unacceptable.

    J You are expected to finish what you start and give 100% effort to each practice and meet. This includes coming to meets and practices prepared (water, food, sweats, running shoes, extra socks, etc.)

    J If a captain asks for compliance, it is as if the coach has asked for compliance. If you feel the request is out of their domain, speak to Coach.

    J Report all injuries, aches and pains to the coach. If you see a doctor with regard to an injury, you must have that doctor’s permission, in writing, to return to track & field. To stay healthy you must drink plenty of fluids, get plenty of sleep and eat properly.

    J Only the bus or a parent may transport students. Other arrangements must be made with the athletic office at least 24 hours in advance of a meet.

    J You must stay until the end of a meet unless prior arrangements have been made with the coach. Spectators are welcomed and encouraged. Spectators are expected to exhibit proper sportsmanship.

    Coach’s Philosophy:

    Every athlete is part of the Track & Field Team. We value your commitment to this team. Although each of the 17 events is competitive at an individual level, the goal is to have the team score as many points as we are capable of scoring. Each athlete will be working toward his/ her personal goals while helping other teammates to reach their goals. Warm-up will begin at 2:45 pm and be done as a team. If you cannot be at the warm-up, please leave a message at extension 3187. You will be expected to do a complete warm-up at every practice. Each athlete will work on 2-4 events.

    Remember: by joining this team, you are making a commitment to the entire group!

    Coach’s Goals for 2010:
    1. Focus on proper warm-up and running form to reduce “over-use injuries.”
    2. Better attendance at all meets. Athletes must realize that Track & Field is a 6-day per week commitment.
    3. Increased sense of team. Athletes and coach will focus on bringing together all members of the team regardless of event specific training.

    Season’s Schedule:

    5 Onteora away

    9 Gander Invitational away Rondout Valley

    13 Pine Plains away

    26 New Paltz home
    30 Monticello Invitational away

    3 Saugerties home

    7 Tri Valley Relays away SAT Day/ Grahamsville

    10 Marlboro home

    19 MHAL Dietz Stadium @ 9am

    26 Class B Championship away @ 3pm

    2 State Quals

    3 State Quals

    9-11 State Meet

Last Modified on April 6, 2011