•         8th Grade

    You will randomly choose an important Civil War Era personality to research. You should then draw an outline of that persons head (either face first or in profile). After completing your research, you should fill in the outline with phrases, pictures, drawings, and images that represent the ideas, thoughts, visions, and motivations of your subject.

    You will randomly choose an important person, event, or invention which contributed to U.S. industrial growth in 1800's. Then you will create a placard to be displayed in our Inventors Hall of Fame.

    In this assignment you will choose a movie based on an event from American History. You must then watch the film, research the historical event it is based on, and write a film summary and historical evaluation.

    Your task is to create an "infomercial" for an aspect of the cultural life of the 1960s or 1970s. Your group will research the people, music, movies, TV shows, fashion, fads, or major news events that defined the pop culture of those turbulent decades.