• Social Studies Course Outline



    We are about to embark on a journey through time, to learn about many of the most exciting and influential periods in American History. Some of the topics we will be exploring are:

    • The Nation Divided
    • The Civil War
    • Reconstruction
    • The West Transformed
    • Industry & Urban Growth
    • Political Reform
    • World War I
    • The Depression and the New Deal
    • World War II
    • The Cold War Era
    • The Civil Rights Movements and more...


    We will be using primary source materials, small group project-based assignments, individual research projects, plays, simulations, and a variety of media to investigate American History.


    • Classroom rules: The rules in social studies are the same as those in the student handbook; the following will be emphasized:
    • Arrive on time and prepared.
    • Listen carefully and follow all directions.
    • Only one person may speak at a time.
    • Finish all work.
    • Treat all people and property with respect.


    Of course, students should also focus on our Raider Profile: Engage, Embrace, Think, Care, Create, Empathize, and Collaborate!


    • Grades will be based on the following criteria:
    • Assessments 30%
    • Small Group Project-Based Assignments 20%
    • Research Projects/Homework 20%
    • Document-Based Essays 20%
    • Classwork and Participation 10%


    • Assessments: There will be a quiz after each chapter or unit. Quizzes may include multiple-choice, short answer, & constructed-response questions.


    • Small Group Project-Based Assignments: Project-Based Assignments will mainly be completed and presented in class.


    • Research Projects: Students will be required to complete an individual Research Project each marking period.


    • Document-Based Essays: There will be 1 or 2 Document-Based Essay each marking period.


    • Classwork and Participation: A collaborative, informed, creative, and engaged attitude is expected in class. Students will contribute to a dynamic whole-brain based classroom environment. Class participation counts and will be tracked using a "dot system".
    • Notebook: Social Studies 3-ring binders will be kept in our classroom.  An organized binder will aid studying.


    • Textbook: America: History of Our Nation will occasionally be used in class.


    • Absences: Students are responsible for work missed due to absences.  Assignments, class notes, and project information are available in Microsoft Teams.


    • Extra Credit & Extra Help: Extra assignments are available and encouraged. These can be used for a 5% On Coupon, which is worth a 5 percent bonus on any graded assignment. I am available to provide extra help just about every day until 3:00, by appointment.


    • Contacting me: I can be reached by phone at LAMS ext. 71097.  My school E-mail is dfleischman@rhcsd.org.  Our class Teams Page includes information about our class, class notes, study guides, project information and more.  Be sure to visit our Teams page often.