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Site offers document downloads in multiple languages, formats

Photo of RHCSD calendar download text showing the Ally logoHave you ever wondered what that capital ‘A’ with the arrow next to a document name on the Red Hook Central School District’s website is all about?

It indicates that a product called Ally is available to translate that document to a variety of different languages or formats. Once that translation option is selected, you can download that document in your chosen language or format.

In addition to dozens of language translations, other formats available include:

  • Electronic braille.
  • ePub for reading on an iPad or other e-book reader.
  • HTML for reading in a browser and on mobile devices.
  • An audio MP3 file.
  • Tagged PDF for use with assistive devices.
  • BeeLine Reader which offers an enhanced version for easier and faster on-screen reading by differentiating text with colors.

Photo of the alternative download menu from AllyAfter you’ve checked the button next to your desired version (and the language if you chose translation), click the ‘Download’ button at the bottom and your prepared file will be either displayed on your device or downloaded to it. An example of the menu appears to the right.

We hope that this technology makes it easier for you to view and use documents whether you access them from school, at-home or on-the-go.