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Mill Road Intermediate School honors veterans at patriotic celebration

Over 40 local veterans and their family members were welcomed with open arms at a heartwarming Veterans Day celebration at Mill Road Intermediate School on Wednesday, November 8. Students and teachers came together to recognize the service and sacrifice of America's veterans through songs, decorations, and words of gratitude.Veterans Day celebration at Mill Road

Under the direction of music teacher Gwenyth Epstein, students performed a medley of patriotic tunes including "Yankee Doodle," "When Johnny Comes Marching Home," and "This Land is Your Land," eliciting enthusiastic applause and sing-alongs from the audience.

The school's cafeteria staff and Parent Teacher Association provided festive red, white and blue snacks for everyone to enjoy while mingling with the veterans and their families. It was a chance to personally thank them for their service.

Led by third grade teacher Connie Burud, the students and faculty decorated the school with projects, artwork, essays, and thank you cards honoring veterans. The handmade thank you cards reflected both creativity and patriotism from the budding young minds.

For the veterans, it was an incredibly touching gesture.

"When I came back from Vietnam the first time I was met with hate, not appreciation," said retired Maj. Allan Bard. "So, I went back for a second tour. This event at the school makes me feel loved and appreciated."

In a speech, Principal Dr. Brian Boyd spoke about the school's Raider Profile initiative that highlights attributes like communication, collaboration, empathy and civic engagement.

"I don’t think that there is a better model for all those attributes than the group of veterans before me today," remarked Boyd. "Serving our country has entailed all the things that we know are important for success. We cannot thank you enough for your patriotism, your service, and your sacrifices for us all."

The VFW Post 7765 and the VFW Auxiliary created a dance to thank Mill Road for the ceremony, with many joining in to dance along. The support from Cmdr. Brian Williams and VFW Post 7765 is appreciated. 

Through the celebration, Mill Road Intermediate School found a meaningful way to show their support and gratitude for local veterans. It was a day filled with both honor and community.

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