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Inclement Weather Procedures: Message from the Superintendent

Dear Parents/Guardians:

I'd like to take this opportunity to remind you about our procedures for school delays, dismissals and cancellations. 

Mr. Jeff Popp, Director of Transportation, regularly monitors weather reports from a variety of sources.  He is very knowledgeable about the capabilities of our buses, the abilities of our drivers, and the most troublesome roads in our enrollment area.  During questionable weather conditions, Mr. Popp drives to known trouble spots, communicates with local highway supervisors and neighboring transportation directors, and then calls me for a decision on whether to close school, delay school, or follow our normal routine.

Please remember that we have a number of options when inclement weather occurs.  These options include: a 2-hour delay, a 3-hour delay, and closing school.  In the event of worsening weather conditions during a regular school day, we have the options of an early dismissal or delaying dismissal if necessary.

The school district uses several methods of notifying parents and staff of school closures. Some of those methods are dependent on the availability of power and internet at locations both within the school district and throughout the northeast.
We encourage you to check alternative sources of information if you do not receive a phone call, text message, or see updates on the school website in the aftermath of any weather-related event. The notification processes we use include announcements on local radio and TV stations; on the school's voice messaging system; on the district's Twitter feed (@rhcsd); on; on the district's website; and via voice, email and text messages sent from SchoolMessenger. 

I recognize that delays, cancellations, and early dismissals are very disruptive for families.  I make every effort to make decisions in a timely manner.  There are occasions when I must delay a decision in order to make the best decision.  I thank you in advance for your pre-planning and your understanding. 


Paul Finch, Superintendent