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Needed: Substitute Teachers/Classroom Aides/Food Service Aides

All across the district, there is a need for motivated and qualified substitute teachers.  Are you someone who would be interested?  Do you enjoy working with students and helping them learn to their full potential? If you are interested in something part-time and bringing in a little extra income, then substitute teaching could be for you. 

The Red School district is seeking qualified candidates with a Bachelor’s degree to substitute in the district.  Interested and qualified candidates should contact Human Resources Assistant, Diane Koenig at 758-2241 ext. 53040. 
Interested parties who call will be guided through the process in becoming a substitute teacher and informed of requirements and fingerprinting fee.   The rate of pay for certified teachers is $90 per day and non-certified teachers $75 per day.  The rate of pay for classroom aides is $9 per hour.  The rate of pay for food service helpers is $8.75 per hour.
You can find Applications for Employment  here