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Enhanced Weather Station on campus at RHHS

Enhanced Weather Station Installed at RHHS 

Dear Community Members:

Red Hook High School is the proud new host to an enhanced weather station. This weather station, part of the MESONET system,weather station  is one of only 17 enhanced detection systems in New York State. MESONET is a network of weather stations created by New York to improve forecasting.
The basic system collects data at regular intervals on precipitation, temperature, humidity, wind speed/direction, solar radiation, barometric pressure, soil temperatures (at 5, 25, 50 cm), and soil moisture (at 5, 25, 50 cm). Our enhanced system also collects data using LIDAR, Microwave Radiometers, and a Sun Photometer. These systems collect data on vertical wind profiles up to three kilometers, vertical temperatures up to 10 kilometers, and sunlight at different wavelengths.
We are excited about the prospect of teaching students about the instruments associated with this weather station, analyzing the real time data, and learning how real scientists use this information to make better predictions. (I was hoping it would make the snow closing decisions for me, but unfortunately it lacks that special feature!)
Paul Finch, Superintendent