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Sandy Hook Promise "Say Something" Program Comes to Red Hook

Red Hook High School students recently participated in the Sandy Hook Promise training Say Something during their monthly advisory period. In two sessions, one for grades 9/10 and another for grades 11/12, students watched a short video which emphasized that violence is preventable. At the conclusion of the video, Sandy Hook Promise trainer Martoinne Williams asked students to share what stood out to them in the video. One student noticed “The number of students taking their own life was so high.” Another student noted that “someone was recording the violence, before it even began, suggesting they knew what was going to happen.”

“I travel the country speaking to students,” explained Williams, “because the future starts with you. You can change the culture and the narrative.” He went on to teach students the three steps they can take to protect themselves, their friends and their community. The first step is to look for warning signs, signals and threats, the second step is to act immediately and take it seriously, and the third step is to say something to a trusted adult.

The Say Something program reinforces the power young people have to prevent tragedies and save lives. It teaches students what to do when they see something, especially on social media, from a peer who might be planning to hurt themselves or someone else and to say something to a trusted adult to get help. Williams emphasized that when students report something, they are not telling on someone to get them in trouble; they are trying to help someone.

During the week of February 25 through March 1, thousands of schools and youth organizations from across the United States participated in National Say Something Week. The Say Something program addresses all types of violence and seeks to empower students to make a difference.