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Egg-cellent Culinary Challenge at RHHS

Red Hook High School students were treated to a cooking demonstration from Larry Anthony, RHCSD Director of Food Services, at the conclusion of their unit on eggs in Family and Consumer Science (FACS) class. A graduate of The Culinary Institute of America, Chef Anthony is an experienced, enthusiastic teacher of the culinary arts and a frequent Continuing Education Program instructor for the district.

FACS teacher Carol Ann Miles and Chef Anthony worked together to coordinate an Egg-to-Egg Challenge for her third and fourth period Baking 2 classes in April. One of the goals of the challenge was to teach the students the different ways to correctly prepare eggs.

Students watched as Chef Anthony prepare four different types of eggs - ostrich, duck, chicken and quail - in a variety of ways ranging from poaching to scrambling.  The chef emphasized the importance of cooking eggs for the proper amount of time. When students compared hard-boiled eggs cooked for different lengths of time, they learned that egg yolks will turn green if overcooked.

Students also had an opportunity to sample each type of egg to see if they could detect a difference in flavor. Duck and chicken eggs prepared poached, hard-boiled and scrambled, exhibited only a slight difference in flavor. The students learned that duck eggs are nutritional powerhouses when compared to the other eggs. Tiny quail eggs served sunny-side up on toasted bagels, were the most popular with the students.

Ostrich eggs were sourced from a farm in Germantown that provided them at a special discount to the school. While some students thought they resembled dinosaur eggs, they were very tasty when scrambled. Most students agreed all the eggs were delicious. Thank you to Chef Anthony for his time and efforts assisting with the Egg-to-Egg Challenge!