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Green Team Gets Composting at Mill Road

More than a dozen Mill Road Intermediate School students have volunteered to get their hands dirty to help the school garden grow with a new composting initiative.

The program began in March and is under the direction of garden teacher Alexi Boulton. A practice phase of the program focused on training the students about what can and can’t be composted. Sorting bins were set up in both cafeterias at Mill Road for liquids, recyclables, landfill trash, and food scraps.

Students from different classrooms in grades three, four and five become members of the "Green Team" for one to two weeks at a time. Each week, Green Team students stand in the K-2 cafeteria during lunches to guide their younger peers in sorting cafeteria waste. Other team members remain in the 3-5 cafeteria to help out there. The goal is for all food scraps - anything that comes from a plant - to be composted on site.

Plans are being developed to build state-of-the-art aerated composting bins near the Mill Road bus garage by the end of the school year. The system will periodically pump air through the compost, eliminating the need to manually turn the composting materials. Once the bins are ready, all the food scraps collected from the cafeteria will be processed into compost. After about 30 days, the compost will be ready to use to help our Mill Road garden grow!