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Schools demonstrate attributes of Raider profile

Students perform patriotic songs for Veterans Day programStudents at all of our schools are learning about and embracing the attributes of the Raider Profile as we move into the second quarter.

Red Hook High School has a new positive referral form that reinforces the attributes of the profile and rewards students who exemplify any of the characteristics, such as EMPATHY. This is one way we can show students and families how much we CARE about the students we are so fortunate to work with daily.

The new block schedule has inspired teachers to CREATE lesson plans that allow students to COLLABORATE on multiple levels and students are ENGAGED in small learning community discussions on corner couches or gathered around a high-top table as they THINK critically to solve a problem as a team.

Linden Avenue Middle School is embracing the Raider Profile in all aspects of school life including instructional design and student assessment. The monthly student advisory, positive student referrals and student of the month programs are based on the character traits of the Raider Profile. We feel it’s important to recognize both student academic achievement as well as essential life skills and character development.

Raider logo and attributes

Students at Mill Road Elementary 3-5 are highly ENGAGED in a variety of activities. As an example, the Young Scholars Program taught students about components of catapults and students built their own "Pumplin Chuckin" catapults which were tested with Dr. Boyd launching candy corn pumpkins over a castle wall created in the library. Efforts are focused in the areas of PROBLEM SOLVING, CRITICAL THINKING and CREATIVITY, with the creation of a new STEAM Innovation Center.

In addition, each class rehearsed and performed patriotic songs for the building's Veterans Day celebration Nov. 9. The event and student involvement captured many of the profile attributes by recognizing veterans and their civic engagement, research and celebration with music and artwork.

Mill Road Primary School students are learning about and embracing the attributes each month as three classes are chosen to celebrate the characteristics of CARE, EMPATHY, CRITICAL THINKING, ENGAGEMENT, CREATE, COLLABORATE and EMBRACE. The work they do is displayed in the main lobby for all to see.