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Everyday instruction instills attributes of a Red Hook High School graduate

Photo of Red Hook Central School District logoRed Hook High School faculty are embedding their classroom instruction with essential interpersonal skills like critical thinking, collaboration, problem-solving and communication that students will need to be successful in the 21st Century, both academically and in the workplace.

Students have been immersing themselves in the role of archaeologists and putting pieces of artifacts together, they have been looking at historical texts by Thomas Jefferson that contradict one another and determining the reasons for such contradictions based on historical context. Students have been working on self-directed projects where they work at their own pace and assist one another with feedback to improve their product, and they have been working collaboratively with data sets to make predictions on weather based on their analyses.

In line with the vision we have for the future of instruction at RHHS, a team of teachers will be visiting other high schools in the region to explore how those schools' flexible bell schedules provide instructional time faculty and students really need to explore content in depth, to work together on solving problems both inside and outside of the school community, and to prepare presentations for authentic audiences.

In addition, two of our teachers will be working with a group of student leaders to identify a problem they feel needs to be addressed and work towards identifying solutions through research and prototyping. In this way, we are asking students to contribute their voice and values while building critical thinking and problem-solving skills and experiencing civic engagement as they work towards a school improvement goal.

Taken together, all these initiatives are key steps that the high school is taking to demonstrate the values articulated in the RHCSD mission and vision.