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Lynch focused on building relationships as new assistant principal

Colleen Lynch is Red Hook High School's new assistant principalRed Hook High School’s new assistant principal, Ms. Colleen Lynch, is all about building relationships. 

Lynch comes to Red Hook from Sullivan County BOCES (Board of Cooperative Educational Services) where she was an assistant principal in the special education department. Prior to that, she taught English in the Kingston City School District in Ulster County. 

During the interview process, it was the powerful sense of community at Red Hook and the welcome she received that convinced her to take the position. 

“I’m excited to be a part of a team that is so invested in a shared vision for the school community,” she said. 

Lynch has been in the education field for more than 21 years, starting out as a teacher and then moving into administration. 

“I was a little apprehensive about leaving the classroom to pursue administration, but as an assistant principal I can still foster relationships with students,” she said. 

As part of her new role, Lynch will oversee student conduct – something she views not as administering punishment, but as an opportunity to work towards changing the behavior when those teachable moments occur. 

“My goal is to always try to change the behavior,” she said, adding that there are three things she wants students, staff, parents and the community to know about her. “I’m always fair. I’m a good listener and I value honesty.” 

Her first goal is to build relationships with students, staff, family and the community. “Without that foundation, it is impossible for me to effect change and support the mission and vision of the Red Hook Central School District.” 

Communication is important to Lynch, who maintains an open-door policy. “I work hard to promote and maintain a positive culture and climate in the school,” she said. 

When not working, Lynch keeps busy tending to a farm of rescue animals that includes alpacas, donkeys, horses and mini horses. She also plays piano and is an avid baker. Lynch has two children who attend college.