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LAMS and RHHS - Parent Teacher Organization 

Red Hook High School and Linden Avenue Middle School are launching an initiative to create a Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) for the secondary grades (6 through 12) to support our schools, our students, our families and our staff.  

LAMS Principal Stacie Smith and RHHS Principal Kyle Roddey said they are excited about the potential a PTO would have to increase collaboration between our schools and families, while producing some potential new programming for students. 

The two principals hosted a kick-off meeting to discuss the initiative on January 31 at the high school. During this meeting, they shared the schools’ vision for this organization, and answered questions. To be sustainable, the group would need to be led by parents/guardians, with support from the schools.  

“We are very excited at the potential of this initiative,” says Roddey.  “By forming a new secondary level PTO, we can work collaboratively with our families to create new programming for students while strengthening our communication with all stakeholders."

The organization is currently forming and in the future a contact name and email will be available to express interest. For the time being, interested parents/guardians can contact their child's building principal.