Process for staff to Join RHCSD Wellness Center Program

1) Please access the first link below for an explanation about how to join the RHCSD Wellness Center Program as a staff, administrator or faculty member:

Process to Join RHCSD Wellness Center Program


2) In addition, once you have read about the 2 step process to join the RHCSD Wellness Center Program in the downloaded link above, you will need to download, print and complete a Health History Questionairre (HHQ).  Please use the following link below to access this HHQ. 



3) Once you have completed the HHQ and submitted it to your Wellness Center Coordinator for your building, you will be contacted to review your personal information and an exercise orientation will be scheduled for you.  The following two bulleted items are very important that you understand and follow through with:

  • It is imperative that you follow this screening process, and only workout when the Wellness Center is properly staffed or you are working out with a "buddy."
  • Finally, you are responsible for submitting an updated HHQ at the beginning of each new school year if you would like to continue using the Wellness Center.

Any questions please contact Barbara Murray, ext. 71245 or 

Thank you.