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Social Studies

The Red Hook Social Studies Department (grades 6 - 12) seeks to educate our students to be global citizens and foster critical thinking skills. We strive to develop students who exhibit empathy, understand multiple perspectives, and assume the responsibilities of citizenship.

Our students will study the development of the United States and global cultures to prepare themselves to be well-informed post-graduates. Much of what we do is centered around the building of skills. We stress the importance and methods of effective self-expression through writing, speaking and the use of technology. Our students will acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue a career or college study program.

The department offers core subject classes along with multiple paths to meet the requirements for participation in government and economics studies necessary for graduation in New York State.

The members of the department are as follows:

Red Hook High School Faculty    

Craig Burguiere   

William Decker  

Ronald Dombrowski  

Jennifer Huber  

Jeff Kaiser   

Michael McCrudden   

Richard Saulino  

Linden Avenue Middle School Faculty  

James Armstrong  

Eleanor Clements  

Darren Fleischman      

Diane Zduniak