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Languages Other Than English





Red Hook is a small village located along the Hudson River 90 miles north of New York City and 60 miles south of Albany. Red Hook has an average graduating class of 140 students and boasts three successful foreign language programs in French, German and Spanish.

Languages Other Than English (LOTE)
Chairperson: Billie Teixiera  

LOTE Faculty:


The goal of the Red Hook Central School World Language Department is to teach every student to listen, speak, read and write at least one language other than English.

Students will first be provided with a strong foundation in the basic yet essential skills for language acquisition. Through the use of progressive and more traditional methodologies, students will expand vocabulary and structures to create appropriate and authentic speech. In addition our students will learn cultural information, conventions and skills, thereby gaining open-mindedness to diversity. It is our hope that this knowledge will contribute to the process of preparing the current generation of students for life in a culturally pluralistic world.

By the time commencement arrives, our students are able to converse in another language, write it and comprehend novels, while a few years earlier they could barely utter "hello". We believe that we teach the world...and by doing so, education is enriched. This mission to guide our youth toward being both conceptually and verbally bilingual, in essence will allow each individual to become more than one person. May the lessons learned here today, be an incentive for students to continue expanding their horizons, as they remain inquisitive about all peoples of our world.