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SafeArrival Resources for Parents & Guardians

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Safe Arrival is an online portal for parents to PRE-REPORT student absences. Safe Arrival replaces having to submit handwritten notes or contact your child's school attendance clerk after an absence occurs. It is a one-stop method for you to report multiple day absences for your student(s) and report multiple students absent regardless of the building(s) they attend. There are three ways to access Safe Arrival. The details for each method are listed in the table found HERE.

What do you need to access the system?

Parents/guardians who are identified as such in our student management system will need to create login credentials to the Safe Arrival system by School Messenger using the EMAIL address we have on file for them AND/OR the phone number we have listed for them. If you attempt to access the system using an email or phone number we do not have on file for you, the system will not allow you to proceed. In this case, you will need to contact Michelle Lowney or call 845-758-2241 ext 59501 and request that your contact information be updated.

What is the best way to access the SafeArrival system?

We recommend the use of the School Messenger App (available as a free download for iOS phones from the Apple Apps store and for Android phones in the Google Play store) AND/OR the web portal for School Messenger found at Look for the "Attendance" option in the menu bar when logged into either the app or the web portal. The system also works using the Toll Free number 1-866-352-0886 assigned to our district but not as seamlessly as the app or the web portal.

How do I prevent someone else from reporting a student absence?

Keep in mind that only parents/guardians who are appropriately identified in our student management system will be able to use the system. In addition to that level of access control, we STRONGLY encourage parents/guardians authorized to use the system to create a personal PIN code that will be required any time you report an absence.

The system will send any parent/guardian authorized to use the system a confirmation notice of any reported absence. If you receive notification of a PRE-REPORTED absence that you did NOT make, please contact Michelle at 845-758-2241 ext. 59501 to investigate.

Keep in mind that any absence reported by the other parent/guardian authorized to report absences for your child(ren) will trigger a notification of that absence to you as well.

How close to the start of school day can I report an absence?

The system will allow you to PRE-REPORT an absence up to BEFORE the start of the instructional day at the school your child attends. Parents/guardians of students in LAMS and/or RHHS will need to PRE-REPORT those absences by 7:15 AM. Parents/guardians of students in Mill Road will need to PRE-REPORT those absences by 8:30 AM.

If you have not notified us of an absence for your child by the time attendance files are processed each morning, you will be contacted regarding your child's absence. Please keep in mind that you are expected to provide your child's attendance clerk a reason for EVERY absence from school.   

Can I report more than just a full-day absence?

Yes. The system is configured to allow you to PRE-REPORT full day absences, multiple day absences up to a maximum of FIVE, late arrivals, early departures, and leave and return absences (i.e. a mid-morning appointment for which you will pick your child up at school and return them to school after the appointment is over).

For any of these absence types, you can PRE-REPORT them up to 30 days PRIOR to the anticipated absence. Please be aware that any absence for illness reasons pre-reported that far in advance will likely be investigated by your child's attendance clerk to confirm its accuracy.

IMPORTANT: If you are reporting an early pick-up, you MUST contact the main office at your child's school to inform them WHO will be picking your child up and at WHAT time. This must be done directly with the office staff and not through Safe Arrival. This requirement is for your child's safety and so that we can make sure he or she is ready to go when the person picking up arrives.

Highly Contagious Illnesses

Our school nurses keep track of student absences due to highly contagious illnesses (flu, strep, intestinal viruses, etc.). This information is shared with our school custodians so that they can adjust their cleaning protocols if warranted, and with the local health departments when requested. Parents are encouraged to continue to notify the school nurse directly of a suspected and/or confirmed case of highly contagious illness experienced by their child(ren).

What are the absence reasons that I can report, and how important is regular attendance for my student?

The district recognizes the following absence reasons in Safe Arrival: Illness, Appointment, Missed Bus, Bereavement, Religious, Vacation, and College Visit. We encourage you to keep planned absences (appointments, college visits, vacation) to a minimum.

The New York State Education Department considers students chronically absent if they miss more than 10 percent of school days (regardless of the reason). Research shows that regular school attendance is directly correlated to student academic success. Students who miss more than 18 days of the 180 days in our school year may experience academic difficulties when compared to peers who regularly attend school.

Where can I go for help with the Safe Arrival system?

If you are having issues with your School Messenger login ID, please email Michelle Lowney or call her at 845-758-2241 ext. 59501. If you have questions about your student's absences, please contact the attendance clerk for your child's school: RHHS - Maryssa Lown at ext. 15020; LAMS - Angela Jones at ext. 26010; Mill Road Intermediate School (grades 3-5) - Cara Jackson at ext. 37000; and Mill Road Primary School (grades PK-2) - Holly Grant at ext. 47000.