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Mental health backpack

Girl wearing a T-shirt that reads, "Mental Health Matters"

Below, you'll find tabs that contain links to reliable resources which are intended to address many of the questions or concerns you might have regarding your child's mental health. 

  • Resources: Information about connecting with outside professional mental health resources.
  • Upcoming Events: Scheduled within-district events concerning mental wellness.
  • Clinical Topics: Professional resources on mental health issues and related parenting concerns, written with parents in mind.

If you require further information, or would like to speak with someone directly, please feel free to contact the mental health professional respective to your child's school. We're always happy to provide assistance!

Disclaimer: Information presented in this virtual backpack is provided as a service of the Red Hook Central School District.  The information attached is based on our understanding of current research.  Posted text is not official Red Hook Central School District policy, an is not intended as medical or psychological advice to replace the expertise and judgment of your own medical professionals. These documents were selected or designed for educational and informational purposes only.  You should not rely on this information as a substitute for, nor does it replace, professional medical or psychological advice, diagnosis, or treatment.  If you have any concerns or questions about your child's physical or emotional health, you should always consult with a physician, psychologist, or other health-care professional.  Do not disregard, avoid, or delay obtaining medical or health related advice from your health-care professional because of something you have read here.  The use of any information provided here is solely at your own risk.