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Login Links for Staff

Please use the links listed A-Z to access the login page for each of the resources listed below.

Branching Minds

Branching Minds is the district's RTI/MTSS platform.


Single sign-on platform for access to approved applications.


eSchoolData is the district's student management system supported by the Mid-Hudson Regional Information Center. If you have forgotten your password or locked yourself out, please contact M. Lowney at ext. 59501.

eSchoolData GURU Dashboard

Use this link to login to the GURU dashboard portal for eSchoolData. (You must have GURU access rights to use this link.)

Frontline Insights Sign-On

Frontline Insights is the single sign-on URL to access Aesop, MLP/OASYS, IEPDirect, 504, etc.

Morning Announcements' Video Streams

Use this link to access the live video links in district. This link will not work if you attempt to access it from outside of the district.

NYS Mesonet Weather Station

Check out the local forecast from the NYS Mesonet weather station at Red Hook High School.

Office 365 portal

Office 365 is the web portal for all things Microsoft Office-related. You will need to use the account name and credentials provided to you by the district's IT Department.

Qware Facilities Work Order System

Use this link to enter work order tickets for the Facilities and Operations Department.

Rubicon Atlas

Rubicon Atlas is the district's curriculum mapping portal.

SAFARI Montage

Safari Montage is a video content system where you will find thousands of videos, movies, series and other instructional resources to use in your classroom.

Swank K-12 Streaming

The Swank K-12 Streaming library provides access to more than 30,000 movies, documentaries and foreign language films for instructional support.