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PaperCut - Scan to OneDrive

Scanning to OneDrive using PaperCut 

Scans can be saved as a file to your OneDrive storage as an alternative to being delivered to your Inbox as an email attachment. To scan to OneDrive, first log in to a copier and select Scan from the main menu.

papercut main menu

Once in the Scan Actions menu, select, "OneDrive for Business."

papercut scan actions

After choosing OneDrive for Business as your destination, set your scanning options (file name, file type, color/B&W, etc.), then tap Start.

papercut scan details

 Now be sure to tap Finish, or if you have additional pages to be scanned please tap Scan next page.

papercut scan finish

If this is the first time you are scanning to OneDrive, then you will be required to authorize the PaperCut system to access your OneDrive storage on your behalf. Please open your email and look for a message from, "Scans for PaperCut MF," then click on the button to Login to OneDrive for Business to authorize PaperCut to save files to your OneDrive.

papercut authorization for OneDrive

Upon successful login, you should see the following success page and any held scans should be saved to your OneDrive.

papercut OneDrive authorization successful


Scanned documents will be saved to OneDrive in the following location: Apps\Scans for PaperCut MF\

OneDrive root folder

If you are following our suggestion to keep your OneDrive organized by starting with a small number of folders per type of file (e.g. Documents, Pictures, etc.) then this new Apps folder should be immediately visible as above. If you are saving all your files at random to the top level of your OneDrive then you will need to find and click on the Apps folder. Inside of Apps you will see Scans for PaperCut MF…

one drive apps folder contents

…and inside of the Scans folder you will find your scan output files.

onedrive scans for papercut mf folder contents

If you have the OneDrive sync client installed on your computer and your computer has an active Internet connection then you should also see the Apps and Scans for PaperCut MF folders in the OneDrive folder your computer as well as OneDrive via a web browser above. Scans should be accessible directly via OneDrive on the web or on your computer within a few minutes depending upon the size of the scan.