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What is a School Psychologist


  A school psychologist is a professional with specialized training in psychology and education. School psychologists use their training and skill to work with parents, teachers, and other mental health professionals to ensure that every child learns in a safe, healthy, and supportive environment. School psychologists understand child development, school systems, and effective teaching, and are prepared to help alleviate difficulties that may otherwise impede successful learning.

 All children and adolescents face problems from time to time.  They may, for example: have fears about starting school, be upset about family events such as divorce or death, feel depressed, lack self-discipline, lack social skills, experiment with drugs or alcohol, think about suicide, lack study skills, worry about sexuality, have trouble with homework and organization, or consider dropping out of school.

School psychologists are there to help children, parents, teachers, and the community understand and solve these and many other problems. School psychologists know that by dealing with problems early on, they can help prevent further difficulties. They can be trusted to deal in confidence with sensitive personal and family matters. Because school psychologists understand how schools work and how children learn, they are able to provide easily accessible, cost-effective mental health services to children.

School psychologists tailor their services to meet the particular needs of each student and each situation. Although school psychologists utilize many different approaches and work in a variety of settings, most provide a number of core services. These services include consultation, assessment, intervention, prevention, education, research, and health care provision.