• Current Events Extra Credit Project

    Find a current national or international news story that deals with a social, political, or economic topic (no sports, entertainment, or local interest stories will be accepted). Read it thoroughly, making sure to focus on the important information (Who, What, Where, When, Why, & How) and any differing viewpoints about the topic.  Clip it out of a newspaper or print it off the Internet and present it with the following information:

    1. The date of the article.

    2. The source of the article.

    3. A vocabulary list that defines any words or terms you did not understand.

    4. A summary of the article in your own words. This should include all the key points, important information, key individuals, and events mentioned in the story. (Two to three paragraphs)

    5. A personal analysis or reaction to the story. (One to two paragraphs)

    6. A political cartoon that expresses your reaction to the story.

    Some good sources for national and international news are:

    Note: You can only turn in one current events project per marking period.